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Solid Wood Oblong Chopping Block


Category Home Accessories
 Fruit Mango wood
 Vegetable Oil (edible)
 EUTR compliant

This versatile wood paddle can be used as both a chopping board and serving tablet to give a homely, rustic feel to your table setting. Carefully crafted from 100% solid mango wood and is finished with edible vegetable oil for food safety. It makes a practical and decorative centerpiece.

Height46 cm
18.11 In
53 cm
20.87 In
Width18 cm
7.09 In
25 cm
9.84 In
Depth2.5 cm
0.98 In
22.5 cm
8.86 In
Volume--0.03 for 6 pieces
Cubic Meters
This product is packed and shipped one per box.
Weight1 Kg
2.2 lbs
1.6 Kg
3.53 lbs